The Superbrands Relaunch, Highlighting the Importance of Consumer Trust in the Digital Age 2017

Jakarta, 19 January 2017 – Superbrands, the international arbiter agency for trusted brand, announced the importance of consumer trust in the digital age 2017 on the Superbrands relaunch. As described in the discussion with Nielsen, Google Indonesia, and MNC Media, Superbrands sharing the highlight of brand strategy and insights for the new marketing year, 2017.

Grandtyana Mayasari, CEO Superbrands Indonesia explains, “Being true and trusted brand is the most important for the development as well as marketing growth of a product stability. As two inter-related keys, a brand should be aware and focus on promoting the product value then bundle it into key selling point which encouraging to consumers. Superbrands supports the brand to evolve as a product with good quality that suits to market needs in this fiercely competitive industry. We work with Nielsen to conduct in-depth research in Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Semarang, Medan and Makassar for ages 18-55 years who share their trusted product from the various categories.”

Along with digital expansion, the brand should also be able to encounter bigger challenges.

As the impact of digital age is growing rapidly, it has giving the alert for brand to be ready for every revelation and changes which could be happen anytime. This dynamic state of industry has been emphasized by Hety Riatono, Consumer Insight Director Nielsen Indonesia, who stated “The continuity of new products from various brands are show up on a variety of channels that very accessible for consumer to reach anytime and anywhere. We found digital access as the most alternative medium to find products that are reliable in our 2016 research.”

The increasing of digital access made from respondents is also admitted by Veronica Sari Utami, Head of Marketing Google Indonesia, who mentions digital marketing is a strategy done in personal and unique way to win consumer trust. “The consumer who trust is the most critical market. In Superbrands, true and trusted product is officially sealed and clearly visible to the consumer to know that the product is proven and reliable, in addition to digital world, where Superbrands will also help consumer to get easier find their product selection in this solid competition era.”

Inaugurated since 2004, Superbrands actively provides guidance and drive the brand to continuously innovate in delivering the best to consumers. Numerous brands has been choosen to officially sealed by Superbrands have passed the research and validation phase to get brand guarantee as true and trusted product which can be preferred by Indonesian consumers.

"The existence of Superbrands has helped us in the media industry to provide brand references that have been trusted in many different industries. Therefore, we enthusiast to welcome the Superbrands relaunch with a variety of excellent programs both in the form of offline marketing strategy as well as enhance the digital world."said Dian Gemiano, GM Marketing

As a part of the Superbrands relaunch, there arethree main categories of flagship tribute programson May 2017, namely, Superbrands Indonesia Choice 2017 for the most preferred brand based on Nielsen research, Superbrands Most Innovative Product 2017 for the most innovative products judge by brand and marketing experts as well as Superbrands Most Innovative Marketing Campaign for the product with the most innovative and original marketing strategy and programs based on the selection of brand and marketing experts.